Korean Jindo

Korean Jindo is infinitely faithful to the master, and there are many cases when dogs which were found far away from home for some reason found their way, no matter how far they were.

Korean Jindo recognizes only one person - the owner and obeys only it (look Miniature Pinscher For Sale), but it treats strangers with suspicion and will never accept a treat from a stranger. The dog has an instinct to protect their territory, so it can work perfectly as a watchman.

Large Munsterlander

Munsterlander is an absolutely fearless dog. It has a great flair and solid stand. Munsterlander feels good in any terrain - both on land and on water. During the search, the dog is close to the owner and it pinpoints the location of its prey.

This breed of dog can be chosen as your good companion in hunting (how St Bernard For Sale). Munsterlander is a true friend for the whole family, including children, whom he is madly in love with. But in spite of good character, it needs training of good quality.

Mexican Hairless

Mexican Hairless Dog or as it is also called Xolo is a loyal and loving pet. It is calm, somewhat wary towards strangers and very attentive to its family. Dogs of this breed usually choose one person as the owner, but this is not reflected in the amount of love and affection to the other family members.

Xolo is a good guard and it is always alert, if something causes their suspicion. Usually they do not get bored of barking, but if Xolo votes cast, it is worth checking out, what was the cause of their anxiety (more - http://walkyourdogaustin.com/rat-terrier-dogs-puppies-for-sale-near-me.html).

Norwegian Lundehund

Norwegian Lundehund is a wonderful breed, which has many unique features. For example, this dog has six toes on each foot, it is able to bend their head back up to the shoulders and can close their ears, so as to protect against water and dirt, and finally, it can stretch their front legs to the side just as well as people can do. All of these unusual abilities allow dogs of this breed successfully hunt on the cliffs and on any most difficult terrain.

Norwegian Lundehund dogs are ively, friendly and playful. Norwegian Lundehund is well guarded by its family and its territory. It is alert, cautious, suspicious of strangers and will inform you of any danger or suspicious sounds barking. It gets along well with children and dogs, if they grew up with together in the same house. Norwegian Lundehund must be busy with something, bored dog may start to spoil the surrounding objects. It's a wonderful breed, cheerful and affectionate, and therefore these dogs make excellent companions. However, it is not recommended for beginners, or those people who do not have sufficient experience of keeping a dog. The dogs of this breed live about 12-14 years.