Korean Jindo Temperament and Lifespan

Korean Jindo is infinitely faithful to the master, and there are many cases when dogs which were found far away from home for some reason found their way, no matter how far they were.

Korean Jindo recognizes only one person - the owner and obeys only it (look Miniature Pinscher For Sale), but it treats strangers with suspicion and will never accept a treat from a stranger. The dog has an instinct to protect their territory, so it can work perfectly as a watchman.

Your four-legged fellow Jindo is usually not very friendly and can easily fight with the dog which it doesn't like but he gets along well with those pets it has lived together since childhood. It can treat smaller pets as its prey.

The lifespan of the breed is about 12-14 years.

How Much Does a Korean Jindo Cost and Price Range

The average price for the breed is about $900. You can find the lower price or the higher cost depending on the breeder's location as this dog breed is a rare one. The quality of the dog also matters as the pet quality dogs cost less than the show quality dogs.

Korean Jindo Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Externally Hindi is a dog of medium size, proportionally built, with well- developed strong limbs. Height at the withers is 41-65 cm, weight is 11-23 kg.

Wool is straight, dense, thick, stiff to the touch. Colour is white and red of various shades, brindle, gray, black or black and tan are also allowed.

Korean Jindo Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

In 1938, Hindi was declared to be a national treasure of the Republic of Korea. According to the government's initiative the institute was created in which the puppies of Hindi are taken when they reach six months and if they were all right, doggies get microchip - to ensure that people won't take them out of the country.

In fact in the island of Hindi people get their prey themselves (mostly small rodents).

It is surprising that with such a lifestyle Hindi combines the habits of wild dogs with traditional pet qualities, making it a truly unique representative of the canine kind.