Large Munsterlander Temperament and Lifespan

Munsterlander is an absolutely fearless dog. It has a great flair and solid stand. Munsterlander feels good in any terrain - both on land and on water. During the search, the dog is close to the owner and it pinpoints the location of its prey.

This breed of dog can be chosen as your good companion in hunting (how St Bernard For Sale). Munsterlander is a true friend for the whole family, including children, whom he is madly in love with. But in spite of good character, it needs training of good quality.

No less important for the dog long walks, especially when it is not used for hunting. In this case, while walking the dog must be at least 2 hours outside per day. The lifespan of the dog is 12-13 years.

How Much Does a Large Munsterlander Cost and Price Range

Do you want to buy Large Munsterlander? Then you should look for the good breeder. You should be especially careful choosing the show quality puppy to avoid any possible health problems. Check the documents which should prove that the puppy you want to buy is real pedigree puppy. The average price for the dog is $400-$800.

Large Munsterlander Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The dogs of this breed have a short articulated body, strong back, slightly sloping rump and tail back. They may be characterized by having the broad muscular loins; deep, laid back and well sprung ribs; slightly taut belly. The body length, measured from the shoulder-blade and upper arm to point of buttock should be equal to the height at the withers, but may be slightly above 2 cm.

The coat is long and thick, not wavy or curly. In males, the hair on the front and hind legs and on the tail is longer than in females. At the head the hair is tight and short. Colour is black and white, white blaze, star, or a spot on the forehead is permissible. The housing is in white or blue with black strokes, spots, specks, or a combination of these marks. The weight of the dogs is 23-32 kg. The height is about 63 cm.

Large Munsterlander Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

A descendant of the old cops Munsterlander is a great beautiful, graceful dog originally from Germany. This not numerous breed was developed in the city of Munster. In addition to Germany, especially popular this breed has become in the UK and Canada. Since the beginning of the nineteenth century relation to breeding of these dogs has changed and the first recording of the birth of purebred dogs began to appear.