Mexican Hairless Temperament and Lifespan

Mexican Hairless Dog or as it is also called Xolo is a loyal and loving pet. It is calm, somewhat wary towards strangers and very attentive to its family. Dogs of this breed usually choose one person as the owner, but this is not reflected in the amount of love and affection to the other family members.

Xolo is a good guard and it is always alert, if something causes their suspicion. Usually they do not get bored of barking, but if Xolo votes cast, it is worth checking out, what was the cause of their anxiety (more -

These dogs are suspicious of strangers, so the establishment of friendly relations with a stranger takes some time.They also do not like the appearance of the other animals on its territory. Poorly socialized Mexican hairless dogs can be aggressive towards people and dogs they do not know. The dogs of this breed live about 12-15 years.

How Much Does a Mexican Hairless Cost and Price Range

Mexican Hairless will cost you from $1000 to $1500. The price may vary depending on the place and the breeder you are going to buy a puppy from. Don't forget to look at the parents of your pet to make sure that it will grow up meeting the standards.

Mexican Hairless Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

According to the standard of this breed, the height of the dogs must be toy -23 - 36 cm; dwarf: 38 - 51 cm and the standard breed: 51 - 76 cm. As for the weight of the toy is 2 - 7 kg; dwarf: 7 - 14 kg; standard is 11 - 18 kg.

There are three sizes of the Mexican Hairless Dog, so you can choose the dog of this breed according to your preference and living conditions. Despite its name, this breed of dogs has short hair type. The most common colors are black, blue and red.

Mexican Hairless Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

These intelligent and sensitive dogs quickly learn all that you want and do not want. Mexican Hairless dogs can easily start to manipulate the inexperienced dog owners, so it is not the best choice for a beginner.

Xolo are very athletic dogs. Puppies are very active and can "do deeds", if they are not busy with games or training. As each dog, Mexican Hairless dog needs early socialization. This ensures that the Xolo puppy will grow and become a well- adapted dog. Constantly develop its social skills, invite visitors, acquaint it with other dogs, walking in the crowded places. Xolos have good intuition and some tend to dominate. Therefore it is important from the very beginning to establish its dominant position, or Mexican dog itself will take place and it will command.

Take your Xolo with you whenever you can. These dogs do not like to spend time alone.